Apple Mini Stores

By on October 18, 2004

ministore_tb.jpgThis weekend Apple opened six new ‘mini’ stores around the country. They are much smaller than a normal Apple Store and they allow Apple to enter more markets without the high initial start up costs associated with larger stores. Once again the design is impeccable. The stores have clear white epoxy floors with stainless steel walls. Along with the design comes cool tech too:

The mini-stores will use IP-based communications gear from Vocera Communications, which includes a small, 2-oz. “badge” that clips to your pocket or ID lanyard, and uses Wi-Fi to link together other badges and even a telephone system. It provides all the features of a telephone, a two-way radio, a pager, and voice mail, all using voice commands.

Via ifo Apple Store



  1. I REALLY wish Apple would make a non-linux based OS for PC’s to compete with Windows. Their style is unmatched but the OS is not for me and from several people I know has problems with software and hardware compatibility.

  2. hmmm… the apple OS X has never been linux based. Do your homework, they are working on one. It is called Darwin!

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