Internet Withdrawal?

By on October 13, 2004

OK, so I’ve been off the grid for three days now, soaking my feet in the ocean, and having a great vacation. But I’ve started to realize how much I take net access for granted. So far I’ve realized that I can’t:

  • Send pictures
  • Check ferry schedules
  • Check flight information

plus about 9 or 10 other things I’ve forgotten about. You think that net access is everywhere, until you get out of the house and visit some other spots. Right now I’m paying $2 for 15 minutes on a beater computer in the back of a coffee shop in Beaufort, sippng an iced latte while my wife shops for (blech) antiques.



  1. Gee wiz .. .I can’t believe you’re only 2-some-odd hours away from me here in Raleigh and you didn’t even bother to visit!

    I’m so hurt … I mean … what about MY needs huh?!

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