By on October 12, 2004


AutoWeek has an article this week about digimods — the new trend of building your dream car, or at least a picture of it, digitally.

Digimodding (also called chopping) consists of digitally modifying a press photo with a number of different Photoshop techniques. Websites provide links to find stock vehicle photos, as well as detailed tutorials on how to use Photoshop to create specific custom mods, such as designing a carbon fiber hood and swapping in new wheels and tires. The results range from the toony to the stunning.

Lots of websites have sprung up featuring the work of these modders, and some are pretty impressive. You’d be hard pressed to know if it’s an actual photo or a digimod.

“Real modified cars just don’t interest me!” e-mailed Pete Smith, the 18-year-old creator of digimods.co.uk. Digimodding for more than five years, Smith will not change one thing on his real Fiat Punto. “Too tacky, too much cost, and far too much hassle! I prefer doing it on the computer, as it’s cheaper and more fun!”

I would say that these guys need to get out more, but I guess one benefit of it is that they aren’t out in the real world screwing up auto insurance rates for the rest of us like the gearheads with the real modified cars do.



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