A Month with a Mac

By Deane Barker on October 8, 2004

A Month with a Mac: A Die-Hard PC User’s Perspective: This is an exhaustive (15-page) review of OS X by a diehard PC user. In the first few paragraphs he explains that he uses and enjoys PCs, but he’ll give the Mac a shot. He spent a month with it.

In the end, he enjoyed a lot of it. He points out a lot of great aspects to the OS and states that it’s better than Windows.

In the end, Apple has developed a very strong platform. OS X is quite possibly one of the best operating systems of its time and in many ways, is the best for what it does, and Apple’s hardware leaves very little to be desired

But as always, the Apple platform is a tough sell to the mainstream for the reasons that I’ve already outlined. I took a chance and ended up pleasantly surprised.

Maybe more PC users would be pleasantly surprised too – the problem is that even as a second machine, a Mac is an expensive proposition. Maybe instead of switch commercials, Apple should have poured that money into arranging 30-day trials of G5s for PC users. They would’ve probably gotten more converts that way.

Yes, we come back to the price issue. This guy was running on a $3,000 dual 2.5 GHz G5 which he upgraded with 4GB of memory after finding it was too slow with 512MB. And that’s $3,000 without a monitor.

If I had the cash to do that, I’d probably love a Mac too.



  1. Yeah. Anything under that top-of-the-line G5 maxed out with RAM is definitely not worth bothering with.

  2. I’m hoping that’s sarcastic, Dave. I was down at the Mac shop drooling on the 20-inch G5 iMac, but that’s at the extreme upper limit of my budget.

  3. Dripping with sarcasm, Joe. The guy who needs a $3000 dual 2.5GHz G5 and 4GB of RAM probably wouldn’t be satisfied with a PC that cost at least as much. OS X runs good on a 500MHz G4; it runs great on a 1GHz G4. You’ll love the iMac.

  4. The linked article is a great tour of the OS, and pointed out lots of stuff I hadn’t picked up on in my limited time with OSX.

    I did find the system to be a touch sluggish in the store with the default 256MB of RAM. I’ve read that installing RAM in matched pairs noticably speeds up the iMac since it will then double the speed of the memory channel (and given the caching that OSX does, I imagine that makes a lot of difference). I’m planning to have a second stick of RAM dropped in before (or shortly after) I take delivery.

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