Guerilla CSS

By on October 8, 2004

One of the interesting side effects of separating style from content is the fact that it takes very little to redesign the style — even if it’s not your site.

In his programming journal, Mihai Parparita has a neat article about reskinning GMail with his own custom stylesheet.

However, there is nothing stopping one from going all out with client stylesheets and completely revamping the appearance of a site to suite one’s aesthetic sense (or lack thereof). To this effect, I have made a stylesheet that is designed to override the appearance of Gmail, not necessarily because I think my take on the UI is that much better, but because I wanted to show that it could be done.

He also spends a few moments talking abut his approach to hacking the GMail interface, which is probably the best example of obfuscated Javascript I’ve ever seen. It worked well. I was curious how it worked, but not curious enough to wade through all of the ways that they crapped up the code.