SmartBot: Not that Smart, It Turns Out

By Deane Barker on October 8, 2004

FTC files case against spyware companies: The proprietor of this operation is none other than Sanford Wallace, the original “King of Spam’ (and, before that, the “King of Junk Faxes”).

The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday filed the first case in the country against software companies accused of infecting computers with intrusive “spyware” and then trying to sell people the solution.

The commission accused the companies of infecting computers with unsolicited software, showering computer screens with pop-up ads and then trying to get consumers to pay $30 to fix it. It is seeking an injunction to get the companies, owned by the same person, to stop, and to offer restitution to consumers.

He had claimed he changed his ways a few years ago. Too bad he changed them for the worse.