Google Print

By Deane Barker on October 6, 2004

Google Print: Amazon releases A9; Google releases Google Print. It’s an arms race.

To use Google Print, just do searches on Google as you normally would. Whenever a book contains content that matches your search terms, we’ll show links to that book in your search results. Click on the book title and you’ll go to a “content page,” where you can see the page containing your search terms and other information about the book. You can also search for other topics within the book. Click on the “Buy this Book” link and you’ll go straight to a bookstore selling the book online.

I haven’t seen any hits yet to Google print, and I searched for things that would have hit in books. Kind of risky mixing them into search results, isn’t it? I always felt that the results were sacrosanct. You can surround it with “injected” content, but don’t put it in with the actual results.



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