By on October 6, 2004

It’s apparently been around for a while, but I just ran across elgooG today.

1.1. Why is this backwards? […] It’s a Google mirror. A common practice for busy websites is to create a mirror site, which is an exact replica of the original site but on a different server. This way if one server is really busy, you can go to the other server. elgooG is a play on this idea, except instead of an exact replica of the site, it’s a mirror image of the site.

I couldn’t figure out why none of my searches would work, until I realized that I needed to type them in backwards. If you visit in IE, the scroll bar is even on the wrong side. Pretty funny. Don’t miss the article on their OPI filing.



  1. I luv this site!!! My friend is the one thatshowed it to me and i fell in luv… It’s like a joke but it’s not The searches actually work Very awesome

  2. It exists because of stuff happening in China with Google. Apparently they’ve blocked it, so some clever people reflected it, it uses the same engine as google too.

  3. A friend of mine at work introduced elgoog to me and I loved it from the first moment. It’s a great place to visit and I use it more than google hehe.


  4. hey thanks for the short post … there indeed is some funny stuff out there :)

    i rather stick with google instead of elgoog lol

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