Zen Garden: The Book

By on October 6, 2004

At some point, I think every web jockey has scoped out the CSS Zen Garden for a little inspiration (I dig this one). It’s a great example of the power that comes from the separation of style from content, and the proper use of semantic markup.

Judging by this link on Amazon, Dave Shea, the creator of the CSS Zen Garden, will be compiling it into a book. Dave mentioned it offhand in a short post, but didn’t provide a lot of detail.

Hopefully, the book will include some hand-picked designs, along with commentary on the techniques used in CSS. That would be a great resource. The pretty layouts are only part of the appeal of the Zen Garden. The other part, the sell-me-a-book-of-this part, is the ability to crack open the markup and the stylesheets and see how it’s done.