Captain, I’m Picking Up Liberals…

By on October 4, 2004

red | blueGravity Monkey has come up with red|blue, a little app for your Java-and-GPS-enabled cellphone. The app connects out to the campaign fundraising database, and provides a Democrat/Republican Geiger Counter that reads the political leanings for whereever you are.

It gets even wackier than that. If you are usign a GPS enabled phone, then your GPS position includes the direction in which you’re (probably) heading. red | blue takes this information and provides you a compass that details the Republican and Democratic contributions in each direction from your position.

This way, if you get lost in your Licoln Town Car, you can just keep cruising until the meter goes comfortably towards the elephant to avoid getting directions from any Pinko Hippie Liberals. Or, alternatively, when you pull your electric car up in front of a bar, you can do a quick check to make sure your cellphone shows ‘donkey’, and dodge arguments with any money-grubbing oil barons.