Holograms Realized?

By on October 4, 2004

Could this be the real deal?

3DSolar display devices are set to revolutionize the way that people enjoy multimedia content both at work and at home. This latest innovation finally brings the dream to reality. For the very first time you will se objects flying few inches away from your screen without glasses and be able to rotate 360 degrees around these objects.

More info and less crappy Flash in this MacCentral article. This is another one of those “great new display methods” that sounds too good to be true. I find the lack of photos telling, but it’s apparently scheduled to be demoed a couple of times later this month, so we’ll see.

Who would have thought that we’d see holograms and personal spaceships in the same day? I’ll keep an eye out for the robot butler and steak-dinner-in-a-pill announcements later this afternoon.



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