Bill Gates Interview

By Deane Barker on October 4, 2004

Gates: In Ten Years, it’s a Windows and Linux Game: OS News has a good report on an interview Bill Gates gave at “a conference” (it’s not specificed which).

The quote of the title seems to indicate that Bill doesn’t give Apple a fighting chance. He says some other interesting things as well, like him having to run Ad-aware on his home PCs to get rid of spyware. (Somehow I just don’t see Bill Gates firing up Ad-aware on a regular basis.)

At the end (of the interview summary) he makes a very intriguing point:

As for consumers, in these same countries Windows piracy is high. In other words, Windows is free for some of these people. And so is Linux. Having two products that are essentially “free” in one way or another, it all comes down again to the actual value of the software.

He’s got a point: in a lot of countries, Windows and Linux are both essentially free due to massive piracy. So why do people continue to pirate Windows when Linux is free? I don’t have an answer. Do you?

(Who’d have ever thought Gates would be using piracy as a selling point for his software?)



  1. Actually, you can run Photoshop on Linux, pirated or no. Check WINE out. And there will be a native Doom III Linux client very soon.

    Bill Gates doesn’t kick kittens. He’s just using them to power some sort of machine that’s part of his plan for global domination. That’s what I hear, anyway.

  2. Um, i think there was a comment that in China, Linux is considerd more expensive than Windows,, counter intuative yes, but Linux requires two CD’s to install it, wheras Windows only needs one. (apparently, at any rate)

  3. Windows has a big advantage: EVERY (serious) GAME RUNS ONLY ON IT… Its quite difficult for beginners to set an emulator (wine) on Linux , so take windows instead!

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