Cool, But Fake, Fighter Jet

By Deane Barker on October 4, 2004

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (F/A-37): Snopes has a bit this morning about an email forward claiming to have pictures of the “new” F/A-37 Talon. The pictures are cool, but it’s a fake plane used for filming an upcoming film called “Stealth” starring Jamie Foxx.

An intelligent, next-generation drone fighter plane develops a mind of its own and an American pilot must go up against it.

Too bad — cool-looking plane.



  1. Besides, the name Talon belongs to the T-38. I don’t think the military would re-use names to aircraft. Would they?

  2. Yes they do. Remember the old World War II Corsair. Then in the 60’s and 70’s they had the F-8 Corsair.

  3. Actually it was 3 pilots instead of one.. the robot plane’s called Extreme Deep Invader(EDI)

  4. um… that is a real plane… it’s been in testing for a while but the US hasn’t got it wokring fully yet, two of them were on the USS Washinton down in the gulf of mexico testing earlier last year. there were only three prototypes built, two for flying test, one for weapons testing. but yeah, it’s still not wokring, and they’re thinking about dispanding it as it’s becoming extremely expesnsive.

  5. FM Black, you are an idiot. :P You know, Stealth was already out on DVD when you posted saying it was a real plane. =P

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