By Deane Barker on October 2, 2004

Drivesoft – Car Computing Hardware and Software Solutions: I saw this on Rides the another night. It’s a roll-up of a bunch of toys into one unit — TV, navigation unit, MP3 player, CD player, DVD player, etc. — all wrapped in a patented user interface.

The Drivesoft System was developed with three important goals in mind. The first was to develop user interfaces that are consistent and easy to use. The second was to develop hardware components that are vehicle compatible and installer friendly. The third was to develop a product that is more than just a great looking interface to multimedia and third party software packages.

Here are some screenshots of the interface. Their Web site and and these shots leave a lot to be desired. It looked awesome installed in the car, and the customizer-guy said it was the trickest thing since Wonder Bread.

(These guys need Web site help. A toy this cool needs a much better Web site to promote it. Someone pitch them.)



  1. $3,500 US complete installed.w/standard 8″ screen

    There are tons of options and extras: monitors, sattelite radio, security camera etc; that can jack the price way up.

    Dont know if they have dealers in Europe.

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