Linux Machines Used to Pirate Windows?

By on October 1, 2004

Here’s something that oughta tweak the nose of the Linux crowd; a cnet article reports that according to research and consulting gurus at Gartner, the reason so many machines loaded with Linux are being sold today is that when they hit the field the drives are wiped and they’re loaded up with pirated copies of Windows. Apparently most of these shennanigans are happening in the Far East, where pirated copies of Windows can be had just about anywhere for $1.

I’m sure that’s not happening in the US. Right?



  1. That is what I do with the Walmart machines I order. If you want to do it for $99 legit get an old disk of 98 (Many around to be found) and load it, and get the 98 – XP upgrade.

  2. I live in Far East (Romania). It’s true about the “price” of a copy of Windows. But in Romania you can buy any PC without an operating sistem. So why buying it with a linux installed?

  3. More importantly, why would you take a perfectly stable system and ruin it. ;-)

    I know I know, but I just couldn’t resist the joke sorry. ;-)

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