The Electronic Nag

By on October 1, 2004

According to an article on, Ausie scientists have come up with an electronic “backseat driver” to offer helpful reminders to absent-minded drivers in hopes that it will help them to drive more safely.

The new driver’s assistance system (DAS) uses three cameras: one to scan the road ahead and a pair to monitor where the driver is looking. A computer system fitted behind the dashboard collates the information with data on the speed the car is going. If it appears the driver has not seen a sign or has not slowed down, a warning is issued.

Great. I can just hear it; “Didn’t you see that sign?!” “Keep your eyes on the road.” “You’re going too fast!” “Whoa! Slow down! There’s a curve ahead!” “LOOK OUT!”

I guess how it goes over depends a lot on the tone of voice. But still, it’s just what a guy needs; one more voice reminding him he’s screwing up. Let’s hope it stays in Australia.