Cyclops Camera Car

By on September 30, 2004

How cool is this? From, a remote-control car with a camera built into the windshield and a color LCD screen in the controller. There is even a microphone in the car; not only can you see what’s happening from a dachshund’s perspective, you can hear what’s going on as well.

The controller even sports audio and video out ports so you can hook it up to a TV, or maybe a VCR to record the action.

Priced at 130 British Pounds (about $235 US), and at that price I can rest assured that my kid won’t be getting one any time soon. He thought of three different kinds of mischief he could get into just looking at the picture.



  1. Not sure why gadgetshop pulled the item; kinda too bad. A Google search turned up other retailers for it though, like Also unsure of who manufactures it.

  2. Hey – does any1 know the range on cyclops camera car… & do u have to be in the same room? (I.e. direct sight)


  3. We bought this after the improvements were made. They were recalled due to major problems. We found the range rubbish, as it did not work if you are in a different room. (Defeats the whole point of having an on-board camera). Also had problems with the car not responding to the controls, which also kept cutting out. Also, the camera feed kept going. Very dissapointing. Returned them twice and the new ones still didnt work well. Gadget shop were very unhelpful, and refused to give refund even though it was faulty.

    Think very carefully before buying this. Looks good on paper but is not when you get your hands on it.

  4. why has gadget shop put the toy on sale at 100 pounds but then raised it again at 130 pounds what is the point of this toy

  5. The range issue has been solved. you obviously didn’t get the newest version Roz. Mine works fine right through walls.

  6. in wide open areas the range is 60 meters plus. in doors it will be reduced depending on the construction of the house (concrete / frame). but generally works fine through all kinds of walls.

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