Venturi Fetish

By on September 30, 2004

The Fetish, built by French automaker Venturi, looks to be a true exotic by everyday standards, but this car goes one step further by replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

Our unique and innovative approach represents a complete change in cultural direction, the evolution from the traditional sports car to a noiseless electric sports car, as well as a radical change in technological references, placing the battery, not the engine, at the epicentre of the automobile technological advancement and its performance.

Price is to be around $500,000. Yeow! I dunno if I’d describe it as a “complete change in cultural direction.” It is pretty spiffy, but is it right to spend that much money on a car that goes fast but only says “hmmmm”? There’s nothing that says speed and power like a V8 or V12 at high RPMs!

In its press kit, Venturi is also claiming that this is “the first production electric sports car in automobile history.” But I remember another car that was discussed right here — the tzero — that has been on the market since 2002. Maybe the French don’t recognize the legitimacy of vehicles built “over here.”

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  1. The T-Zero is not in production mate and probably never will be. The website hasn’t changed in two years and their rather shoddy looking car is still very expensive.

    “There’s nothing that says speed and power like a V8 or V12 at high RPMs!” Thats just it isn’t it, it’s all about ego compensation. “Look at me I’ve got a bit fat stinking loud car, I must be really important” Noone cares, you get a thrill out of a noisy car because you think everyone will have to turn and amire you. Except they don’t. And as for the legitimacy of American cars, generally you make big fat heavy cars that have stupidly oversived engines for thier power output and only go in a straigh line. Mate…. wake up this is the 21st Century. At least someone has taken up the chalenge of an electric sports car and made it viable.

  2. The T-Zero was never a produciton car although three have been sold it is still a test bed vehicle. However, the Fetish uses the same drive train as the T-Zero.

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