Good Geek TV Night

By on September 29, 2004

I’ve got a bad cold, so my butt hit the couch tonight, and hasn’t moved much. Fortunately, it was a good night to be stuck in front of the TV.

Discovery Channel ran Corvette: Rebuilding an Icon, which covered the design, testing, and release of the new C6 Corvette. The show alternates between serious engineering discussion and 180mph sprints down the AutoBahn (“This is the best part of my job,” said the test driver. Ya think?)

Then, MythBusters was back with a new season. This episode had Adam and Jamie teasing skunks, shooting things to see if they’re bulletproof, and wading around in San Francisco bay in fire-proof suits in an effort to test their “Ancient Greek Death Ray”. Actually, except for the last one, sounds like a weekend I might have had as a teenager.

Finally, I caught an ad for Black Sky: The Race for Space, which will chronicle the developments in the Ansari X-Prize competition. That one should be on this Sunday.