Dilbert’s Ultimate House (DUH)

By on September 29, 2004

In pursuit of finding true happiness and peace on earth for Dilbert and Dilbert-like individuals across the globe, cartoonist and visionary Scott Adams embarked on a journey to create “Dilbert’s Ultimate House”(DUH). DUH is a virtual web-based home that the famous icon of the workplace Dilbert, his fans, tech geeks, the environmentally conscious, and those who just plain love the comfort of a good sofa, will covet.

Adams, geek extraordinaire and creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, remarked that,

Dilbert’s house turned out so well that I find myself envying an imaginary person. I thought I already had every character flaw that existed, and then this came along. It’s unsettling, really.

I’ve been a proud member of Dogbert’s New Ruling Class (DNRC*) since 1998, and have been following the development of the DUH since the idea was first introduced; even suggested a few features for the house (no, the observatory shaped like Dilbert’s head was not my idea!) The whole thing exists only in cyberspace, but I have little doubt that someone will take it upon themselves to build a real one just because. If you’re in need of a good laugh, be sure to check out the lists of impractical and funniest suggested features.

* As for the DNRC, if you’re already a member, I don’t need to explain what it is. If you’re not, well, I have one thing to say;