Trick Anything

By on September 29, 2004

Anyone can slap some rims, a spoiler, and a nice paint job on their Honda Civic, but it takes a real pro to trick out a stapler

Trick Anything specializes in the customization of your most cherished possessions. By expanding our medium to include anything that can be sanded, painted and mechanically tweaked, we have successfully awakened the trickster in all of our clients.

Their other creations include a 900cc lawnmower, a gold-plated pogo stick, and a toilet that looks road-worthy. They also made an extremely beautiful ‘61 Olds that Yahoo! is giving away in a contest. These guys have apparently made a TV show that they’re shopping around to the networks. Looks like it would be right up TLC’s alley.



  1. After watching one of their “episodes” on their site, I’m beginning to think this is a joke. Who mods a toilet that’s not connected to a drain pipe?

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