The Reimann Hypothesis

By Deane Barker on September 29, 2004

Math’s holy grail could bring disaster for internet: Another nice “the sky is falling” prediction for your Wednesday morning.

Mathematicians could be on the verge of solving two separate million dollar problems. If they are right — still a big if — and somebody really has cracked the so-called Riemann hypothesis, financial disaster might follow. Suddenly all cryptic codes could be breakable. No internet transaction would be safe.

Further down the page, the article tries to explain why the Riemann Hypothesis is:

Involving zeta functions, and an assertion that all “interesting” solutions to an equation lie on a straight line. It seems to be true for the first 1,500 million solutions, but does that mean it is true for them all?

Yeah, we’ll get right on that.



  1. i’ve got nothing on the Riemann Hypothesis….but i am almost done with the Yang-Mills and Mass gap theory….

    now where did i put those papers…..

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