By Deane Barker on September 27, 2004

JB-Dialer for Windows: Are you insanely lazy? Do you work up a sweat just dialing the phone? Do you have such sensitive fingertips that it’s worth it to you to open a program, hunt for an entry, pick up the phone receiver, hold the receiver to your PC speakers, and press “dial” rather than just dialing the phone yourself?

If so, then JB-Dialer is just the program for you.

I tried it, and I can confirm it works. I’m sure there’s a practical use for this, but I can’t figure out what it is.



  1. One of the first PDA’s I owned had this feature. Along with voice activation, it was marginally handy.

    You could say the name of the contact, then hold the PDA to a phone. The PDA would dial the contact’s number, and could optionally send your calling card # as well.

    This would have been handy if: — The PDA understood you every time — The phone picked up the DTMF tones every time.

    Both of those propositions was about a 50% chance of actually working, so I stuck with the eyeball-and-finger method.

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