iMac G5, In All Its Glory

By on September 27, 2004

Apple has started shipping its brand-spankin new iMac G5 computers. Some geek out there has taken delivery of one and apparently tore the thing apart before he even booted it up, and he even took pictures. As is usual for Apple these days, the arrangement of the innards is about as artful as the engine compartment of a Porsche; downright gorgeous.

Browsing through the photos of the processor and all it takes to keep it from melting makes me wonder if they’ll be able to make the package any smaller than that, or if all hope for a G5-powered PowerBook is in vain. And MacInTouch reports today that Apple is sending out surveys to current PowerBook owners, apparently trying to figure out what’s next:

I received a survey from Apple today regarding Powerbooks. It seemed to me that Apple is trying to figure out what to offer next in their ‘top of the line’ notebook. I’ve been wondering what features they could possibly offer in their next significant upgrade…. It’s a tough position they are now in, especially with the unlikelyhood we will ever see a G5 stuffed into its 1” chassis.

I know; a liquid-cooled PowerBook! (I’ll bet they’ve already thought of that.)