Abott and Costello Meet The Friday Diversion

By on September 24, 2004

vegastrike.jpgVega Strike looks completely awesome. I have no idea how I’ve never heard of it.

Vegastrike is an OpenSource 3d Space Simulator. Currently in Beta development, the project, at version 1.0, is to be a generic space simulator. Current features include split-screen play, trading, exploration and of course plenty of shoot ‘em up action.

The screenshots look fantastic. I can’t wait to try this one out.

Incidentally, the state of open source gaming is getting to the point that I think you could keep yourself perpetually amused without ever heading down to Best Buy. Writing the Friday Diversion is now a simple matter of cruising over to happypenguin.org and poking around a bit. I usually find so many cool projects that I have trouble picking just one.