Free iPod Complaints

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2004

Unhappy Customers Slam; Owners Blame Apple: Perhaps we spoke too soon?

A Web site that gives away free iPod Mini’s to customers who participate in promotional offers is being criticized by its customers for failing to get them their promised portable music player and inundating them with additional spam e-mail. The company’s owners are defending their service saying they are shipping mini iPods, but that they can’t get enough to fill demand from Apple Computer.

Here’s a bit from the Wired article:

“The terms and conditions are absolutely incredible,” said Richard Strauss, who investigated the site before signing up. Strauss said the contract allows Gratis to substitute products, ignore complaints and change the number of required referrals.

“In other words, they can pretty much do, or not do, anything they feel like doing,” he said. “Pretty amazing.”



  1. These people are either impatient or don’t follow the directions on Gratis’ sites. I have personally received a free iPod AND a 17″ Samsung monitor from Gratis Internet’s sites and I am in no way affiliated with them. I know countless others who have also received their iPods and flat screens. It takes them at least a month to ship out the Apple 4th Generation iPods and even longer for the minis since they’re backordered pretty much everywhere. Try finding a 4th gen iPod at Best Buy. You can’t. The problem with slow delivery lies with Apple and their inability to increase production, not with Gratis. I don’t know where this article gets it’s facts. Gratis’ BBB listing shows that all complaints filed against them have been resolved.

  2. Agreed, with the iPods especially, you simply have to be patient. The flat screens actually arrive at your house 10 days after you finish.

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