Google and XUL

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2004

Here’s a link to a page at Google that appears to be written in XUL — Mozilla’s XML User Interface Language, designed for building client-type interfaces over the Web. (That link won’t do anything in IE.)

No one knows quite where this page came from or what it’s doing.



  1. An interesting little project, I presume it is meant to be run as an app or perhaps a JavaScripted window

    Whoever it was that wrote it appears to have become a little angry with XUL’s event-handling by the time he came to write line 73 he had this to say in a commented out line:

    “Why does onkeyup, check for 13, seem like a really dumb thing?”

    Character 13 being an ASCII cariage return as I’m sure we all know

    I don’t see it as useful, I have the search Google set on next to my address bar in FF, but tt does do a lot to demonstrate the potential and the elegance of XUL, all that from @90 lines of pretty straightforward code

    That reminds me of an old assembler coding competition where the winner was the one who could produce the best multi-media/graphics demo that compiled to less than 4k – I’d start the 100 Line Club and invite XUL coders to do something useful or flashy or funny if I was not bone idle

  2. It’s the old sidebar panel, back when Netscape (!) was hoping that the bloated and horrible sidebar was going to be a selling point.

    Bookmark it, change the bookmark properties to open it in the sidebar, and you’ll see it doing what it’s been doing for, lo, these many years.

  3. i guess i am a little late with a comment here. but, i came across this site on a google search for “commenting out line in xul.” well, the google xul file is still there and it seems to work just fine. i am just trying to learn xul so i will pick it apart and study it. i am trying to build a firefox extension that uses “post” to submit a form, instead of the common “get” for searches. thanks!

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