Dot Com Sitcom

By Deane Barker on September 23, 2004

#!/usr/bin/perl: I found my calling — the theater.

#!/usr/bin/perl (pronounced slash-user-slash-bin-slash-pearl) is a series of screenplays for a sitcom. It tells the story of Simple-Site, a web-publishing company that specializes in making web-sites that work.

The concept is public domain, while the texts of the screenplays are available under the Open Publication License.

I really want someone to read the first episode screenplay, and post a comment about how it is. Who will sacrifice themselves for this goal?

Found via the hysterical site, which was found via an mbCodeMonkey comment.



  1. They should pronounce it “shebang-slash-user-slash-bin-slash-pearl”. How could they forget the all important shebang? =(

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