Breakup via Power Point

By Deane Barker on September 23, 2004

[Link Removed — see comments]: This guy dumped his girlfriend via a PowerPoint presentation. It’s wicked funny, but it also demonstrates a thing PowerPoint is good for: outlining.

Sometimes I’ll use PowerPoint when I have no intention of giving a presentation. It can just be really handy for organizing thoughts in your own head. It’s really easy to throw stuff up there, and the “slides and bullet point” model works awfully well for distilling and clarifying information.

Did this guy actually send this presentation to Laura? Who knows, but you have to admit that he got his point across. Even if he didn’t, by creating this presentation, he’d be in a much better position to do the breakup in person.

I love the pie chart on Slide 5. I wonder if he used a projector and a laser pointer? He could have used it to blind her while he ran for the door.

Via MetaFilter.



  1. Ummmm, I think you need to check that link … I need to go wash my eyes out with soap now … it’s not really safe for work. Or home. Or anything else for that matter. ;-)

  2. Oh nice — someone changed the URL to a picture of Goatse (Google for it, but be prepared…).

    I’ve removed the link. Sorry, everyone.

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