Chandler 0.1

By Deane Barker on June 26, 2003

Open Source Applications Foundation – Our Product “Chandler” – Description: Chandler is the Big Thing that Mitch Kapor (the guy who brought us Lotus 1-2-3) has been working on for a year now. Version 0.1 is out. Here’s his vision:

“Recent open-source groupware products and projects (Evolution, Kroupware) use Outlook as the baseline for design and functionality. This approach benefits users because it’s familiar, but it doesn’t take design risks that could have big payoffs for users in power and simplicity. We’re trying to rethink the PIM in fundamental ways and we expect to be judged in terms of our success in achieving that goal. We’re building the product by using up-to-date architectural components such as peer-to-peer networking, integrated instant messaging, and an RDF-compatible semantic database, and we’re not saddled with legacy code. At the same time, we’ll be fully compliant with a variety of open standards, such as iCal, vCard and the Jabber protocol.”

I think he’s trying to give us Outlook connected to an Exchange server…but without Outlook or the Exchange server. In other words, all the “connected” functionality, but as a P2P app without a central server.

I think it would have been so much more interesting if he named it after Chandler Bing.



  1. I downloaded it and gave it a try. It’s interesting, but I was getting a lot of errors when I tried to do about anything. The interface is nice. I can see the potential.

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