Breaking Vegas

By on September 18, 2004

Just watched a fantastic documentary on the History Channel called ‘Breaking Vegas’, which tells the story of the MIT Blackjack Team, a group of MIT students in the early 90’s that elevated card counting into a profitable business.

Most of these guys were Computer Science majors who realized that blackjack is a winnable game, to those who use the proper disciplines.

Of course, the casinos know this too. Card counting isn’t illegal, but casinos make sure you’re arresting for trespassing if you’re doing it on their property.

The History Channel lays out a fascinating tale about a group of kids who were ‘A’ students at MIT during the week, were going to Vegas on the weekends, being treated like kings (on casino comps), and were flying home with paper sacks containing hundreds of thousands in cash. Meanwhile, casino detectives are hot on their trail, deciphering why a bunch of twenty-somethings from Boston are cleaning out the town. Great story.

Incidentally, one of the most successful players turned his winnings into a successful software company. Talk about a nice way to get started.



  1. this show was fantastic but so is the book that tells the story and started it all: Bringing Down the House. If you liked the video you will love the book

  2. My husband met a man who roomed with the “most successful” guy you’re talking about at MIT. My husband happened to be reading Bringing Down the House at the time and the nice gentleman sent us a copy of Breaking Vegas which I recently watched. It just sounds really cool.

  3. just watched ‘Breaking Vegas’ on the HC about the two craps guys dominic loroggio and his partner, forget his name, was searching for his throwing strategy. Haven’t seen the MIT one yet but will definately look it up now. all i can say is all of these guys have the right idea!

  4. dude do you know the one about the man with the golden arm,or the one when they broke a japanies code to win wich they won $150,000 in a minute?

        I try took look for some information about it but ther is no information about it.

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