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By on September 17, 2004

gr-trooper.jpgFriday snuck up pretty quickly this week, so I had to hustle to dig up some Diversion for you folks. Then, waxy posts a great one, so it’s a two-fer this week.

Battlefield: 1942 kept me busy for several months last year. Great online play, and the ability to drive tanks, planes, jeeps and artillery made for some crazy battles.

Now, Battlefield: Galactic Conquest answers every nerd’s dream. It’s a mod for 1942 that plants you in the Star Wars universe. Fly X-Wings and TIE Fighters, blow up the Death Star, and run the Rebels off of Hoth. Somewhere inside me, a 12-year old just danced with joy.

Battlefield: Galactic Conquest will put you in the role of an every day soldier in the Star Wars universe. You will be able to choose between the Galactic Civil war and The Clone Wars and fight by either means of Land or Air in many of the Vehicles you can see throughout the Star Wars universe.

Since Galactic Conquest requires 1942, here’s one for the gamer on a budget (translation: free game). Trigger is an open-source 3D rally car game. Looks pretty good. They’ve got 6 tracks so far, with plans for more, and network play on the horizon. Even cooler, you can make your own levels using just three bitmaps and a (short) XML file.

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  1. I got along so much better playing Trigger when I realized that the spacebar is the HANDbrake, not the regular brake. If you just brush the space bar at 140 m.p.h., you’re done for. I couldn’t figure out why the brakes were so touchy.

  2. I finished Trigger. Some hints —

    Hit “C” to change the camera. The cockpit camera will make you a better driver because you’ll have a better idea of how fast you’re going. The helicopter view can lull you into charging into turns at 130 m.p.h. because you just don’t realize how much speed you’ve built up.

    Also, cockpit view gives you a much better idea of the road conditions. Since you see the hood jump around in response to every bump, you get advance warning when you’re in a rougher section and are about to lose it.

    I never changed cars. On the third track, you get the Focus, but it seemed really, really loose to me. I was all over the place. I looked through the vehicle XML files, but couldn’t find any reference to handling characteristics. Regardless, I used the first car all the way through and did fine. Even the Evo is hard to handle.

    The handbrake (space bar) is important. Use it when you’re turning a corner but understeering — just not turning hard enough. Just tap it — don’t hold it, just tap it once. The back end of the car should slide around nicely.

    If you get screwed up and end up facing backwards, just a little speed, right or left arrow, and holding down the space bar will spin you around right quick.

    You don’t have to go flat out all the time. Given the controls, you can’t do a partial throttle (the arrow key is either pressed or not), but you can tap it a bit to keep your speed down.

    Track notes —

    The third track — Far Far Away — is very slippery. I don’t know what kind of surface it’s supposed to represent, but watch yourself. I’d think it was snow (it’s the right color), if not for the vegetation.

    The fourth track- — Leap of Faith — has a jump. When you start climbing the hill, slow down so you don’t launch off the top of it and land funny just in time to hit the jump at a screwy angle. Go up the hill at partial throttle so you crest it under control and can hit the jump straight on.

    On the last track — Old MacDonald — don’t stay on the road. Start immediately to your right across the grass toward the first ring. Go flat out — it’s smooth as anything. You can shave five seconds off the run down right side.

    The rings are wide enough that they extend out over the grass so you don’t have to venture down onto the road to hit them. You shouldn’t have to hit the road until you need to cross over it to head into the cornfield.

    Be care to follow the cornrows once you get into the cornfield — if you start up over the side of one of them at speed, you’ll never recover. If you’ve blown it and you know you can’t finish, try going across the cornrows at full throttle — it’s damn entertaining.

  3. Oh, I forgot the most important advice —

    If you’re up on two wheels, or flipped up on your side, STEER TOWARDS THE ROOF OF THE CAR. Drill that into your head, because — believe me — it’ll come up a lot.

  4. Hi Deane,

    glad you enjoyed Trigger, and thanks for writing about it! I’ve been making some improvements, and hopefully I’ll be releasing a new version within a couple of days.

    • Jon

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