Web Calendar Recommendation?

By Deane Barker on September 16, 2004

Much like my selfish use of this space to ask for a GMail invite, I’m now asking for a software recommendation.

I’m building a Web site for our local Christian school, and we need a Web calendar. I’m not going to roll my own, so we’re looking for open-source or we’re even will to pay for a good script.

General requirements:

  • purely Web-based, obviously
  • unlimited multiple sub-calendars
  • the ability to roll up sub-calendars to a “master calendar”
  • PHP or Perl (PHP preferably, but anything Linux-ish would be possible…except Java. No Java, please.)
  • MySQL backend
  • very template-friendly (we want to hack up the display quite a bit)
  • multiple users and permissions (Bob can post to Calendar A, but not Calendar B; Mary can post anywhere)
  • iCal integration would be nice.

Again, we’re willing to pay for something if it’s good. I’ve been to all the script sites and looked around, but I’m looking for personal recommendations because you folks tend to be pretty smart.

Any suggestions of things you’ve worked with in the past?



  1. Those are some pretty stout requirements. Make sure you make an entry when (and if) you finally come up with something that meets your requirements.

  2. We are creating a Calendar system right now using OS software so that users of our site can just drop javascript into their blog to show their Calendar(s). It will have everything you describe except for ICAL support. I am interested in what other features people find important.

  3. You’ll want to check out Webcalendar ( http://webcalendar.sourceforge.net/ )- I’m not sure what “the ability to roll up sub-calendars to a ‘master calendar'” means, but it’s got everything else. I use it extensively to coordinate with my family members and it works quite well.

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