By Deane Barker on June 25, 2003

iRider Web Browser: Here’s a new Web browser — wait, before you ask “Why do we need another one?”, watch this demo movie all the way to the end (about five minutes). I was quite impressed with some of the usability features in this one. Some of the things it shows you seem so obvious that it makes you wonder why no one has built them yet.

I may be wrong, but I think this is built on top of a IE core (like Avant Browser).



  1. You are right, iRider uses IE for rendering the HTML. It is nevertheless a very interesting approach to browser interfaces. Cheers, U. Maniac

  2. Gave this a shot, it’s a pretty nice way to browse. It’s basically the next step beyond tabbed browsing. Every page is a new tab, and the interface is rearranged to make this practical. It doesn’t always realize when you navigate back to a page that you’ve previously visited that it already has that page opened. Very nice, but I’ll wait for someone to develop a similar sidebar for Mozilla/Firebird instead of paying $30. You might get some developers to buy it if you include form/password management and a JS debugger like Mozilla has.

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