The Caste System at Microsoft

By Deane Barker on September 16, 2004

Microsoft offering heads-up on security patches to some customers: How nice.

Microsoft Corp. has quietly begun giving some of its largest customers early warning of security problems with its products. […]

While Microsoft said the effort is meant to help businesses plan better, critics complain the program is inherently exclusive because it’s only been offered to certain customers.



  1. I guess I don’t see what’s wrong with this approach. From what I’ve read, these customers aren’t really getting the security releases early, but rather a three day notice that there is going to be a security release that they might want to plan for. I don’t think they even get the details of what is affected.

    I would think that everyone by now should assume that Microsoft is releasing some type of critical update on the second Tuesday of the month and to just go ahead and plan for it.

    Plus, regardless of how much notice you give some people, they still aren’t going to apply the fixes.

    Also, as a customer, I would expect that the more money that I pay a company, the better the perks would be.

    By the way, your link points to a site that requires registration. That’s no fun. I really have no desire to register for a site in Kansas City.

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