This Old Blog, Part I

By on September 15, 2004

I have a couple of gripes with the current crop of blogging apps. Movable Type makes blogging easy, but could it be easier?

I’ve been looking for a small project to test out the Rails framework, so I’ve decided to combine that with exploring ways to reduce the time and complexity involved in creating a blog entry. This will be an ongoing series of articles, but this is a low-priority project, so each edition may take a while.

As with any user-centric project, we’ll start with the user interface.



  1. Wow. Some nice ideas here, and some nice code. I think it’s perfect for a blog where the authors are technically minded. However, for my regular clients, I can just imagine the confusion that would set in. Maybe I’m underestimating my clients, but I can imagine them struggling with the concept of a different page for them compared to regular visitors. It would also be nice if logged-in authors could still preview the regular page without logging out first — some sort of “show/hide admin tools” button would be more than enough, and might help the non-techy clients “get it” a little more.

  2. Wow. I had just the opposite reaction from Justin… I want it now! I’m planning a collaborative blog that will be authored mostly by non-technical people. If they could just go to the site and start typing, rather than going through the MT interface, I think it would be a lot less confusing and frustrating for them. And the authors being able to see each other’s draft posts would be a great boon for collaboration. Hope you’ll keep us up to date on your progress with this.

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