Mozilla Trifecta

By on September 14, 2004

The folks over at have been busy:

  • New Firefox Release 1.0PR includes Live Bookmarks, which creates a bookmarks folder out of an RSS feed, and a really slick interface for finding text in a page. It does disable some older extensions, though, so look out. My main gripe is the loss of the bookmarks synchronizer. I hope the author is working on a new version.

  • New Thunderbird Release 0.8 includes the ability to have a single inbox for all POP3 subscriptions (that was always my main gripe), and sports an integrated RSS reader.

  • New Mozilla Release 1.7.3 includes security fixes.



  1. I actually like separate inboxes. I thought I would hate it, but it really helps keep things separate. That’s one the biggest reasons I use Thunderbird.

  2. I really like the RSS reader in Thunderbird. It’s very NewsGator-ish.

    You can combine multiple blogs in a single folder — so you can aggregate all your blogs in one folder (like most aggregators), or you can just combine related blogs in a single folder.

    For instance, I have the Gadgetopia entries and comments coming into the same folder, so I get a look at everything happening on the site in the correct order.

    Sadly, I can’t find a way to display the feed name in the list of entries, so I can’t tell what entry is from what blog. Also,it doesn’t seem that you get a little notification when there are new messages.

    Still, a good first effort.

  3. The Live Bookmarks feature is really slick too, especially if you put the live bookmark in the personal toolbar – then you get an icon for the site with a dropdown for the stories. This is so cool that I turned the personal toolbar back on. I just can’t figure out how to make the feed update automatically. Right now you just right-click the folder and issue a ‘Refresh Live Bookmark’ command, but that’s not very sexy. There should be a way for it to do this itself, as well as to hightlight new entries.

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