Do As We DO, Not As We SAY

By Deane Barker on September 14, 2004

Reg readers sabotage their Windows boxes: Readers of The Register have been a little over-zealous in their quest to defeat the faceless hacker.

We now know firsthand why, say, an electric hand mixer needs a warning label advising users to switch it off before licking icing from the beaters.

We recently ran a detailed article describing the default insecurity of a Windows XP Pro box with SP2 installed, and produced a long list of Windows features, components, and services that we believe should be disabled by default.

[…] Reg readers have, in rather large numbers, been dutifully going through our list of questionable features and services, disabling everything in sight, and innocently sabotaging their Windows boxen.

We beg you to stop.

Silly British.