Standardized Linux on the Horizon

By Deane Barker on September 14, 2004

Free Standards Group Announces General Availability Of Linux Standard Base 2.0: I believe that one of the true keys of Linux success is standardization between distributions. There was an attempt some time ago with United Linux to create a standard file system, but Red Hat never signed on so it didn’t get far.

Today, however, we have the Free Standards Group, of which Red Hat is a member.

The Free Standards Group also announced today that the standard has earned support from the majority of Linux distribution vendors throughout the world, marking a significant stage in the deployment of a true global standard for Linux.

As for United Linux, it’s still around with Suse as its only remaining major player. (But Caldera — now SCO — is in there, so how can you lose…)



  1. After using Linux for 4 years now, I am buying a Mac because of incompatibility of Linux. Linux users do buy commercial software if there are any good titles. No choice, then it’s not worth it.

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