By on September 13, 2004

circulafloor.jpgCirculaFloor is a fascinating project being demonstrated at Siggraph that provides an innovative way to walk forever while going nowhere.

CirculaFloor is a locomotion interface using a group of movable tiles. The movable tiles employ holonomic mechanism that achieves omni-directional motion. Circulation of the tiles enables the user to walk in virtual environment while his/her position is maintained. The user can walk in arbitrary direction in virtual environment.

It looks like a fascinating system, but based on the video, I’d guess that it will need at least a couple more tiles to allow people to walk at an average pace.

Via the Microsoft weblog firehose.



  1. This was interesting until I watched the video. And understanding this is bleeding edge development the thing just seemed unstable. I can not imagine someone walking at full pace or especially running with this little things scooting about Just In Time for the next step.

    I would think a round very stiff cloth like kevlar or similar would be better. Imagine a handful of bread dough now imagine its skin as the kevlar cloth. Underneath you would have the appropriate gears and wheels to allow the cloth full movement in any direction based on the expected foot travel. This would seem a lot more stable and easier to implement than little robots scooting around just in time for your next step.

    just my two cents :)

  2. While I appreciate useless technology more than anyone, I just can’t figure out the point. How is this any different than a treadmill?

    Yes, I know you can turn corners and walk in directions other than straight ahead….but when you’re not going anywhere, who cares? Nowhere is nowhere, no matter how many corners you turn.

    So long as you’re wasting energy, waste it efficiently and walk in a straight line.

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