News Aggregator in Mozilla

By Deane Barker on June 25, 2003

NewsMonster: This is very well-done — a news aggregator built into Mozilla. It installs beautifully (completely within the browser), and seems to work like a charm. I’m still hooked on NewsGator, but the channels installed with NewsMonster by default are interesting enough that I’ll keep it installed just for fun.

This is also a great example of the programming that can be done inside Mozilla. My post yesterday about using Mozilla-equipped Linux machines as thin clients seems awfully smart in light of this. If you can do this for news aggregation, what could you do with Mozilla for, say, CRM?



  1. So why are you still hooked on NewsGator and what will it take you to switch?

    The reputation stuff as it starts building up over the next month or so will surely steal you away :)

    If you compare feature set NewsMonster is really better than all competitors. Of course if there is anything you want added let me know.


  2. If you tweak the reputation record of this blog to always be number one, then I’ll switch. :-)

    I’m leaning towards abandoning Outlook, which would necessitate something replacing NewsGator (bummer, since I just paid for it). If that happens, maybe I’ll come calling.

    Mozilla is quickly become in the information center of the Universe.

  3. NewsMonster is working very well for me except for one thing. It asks if I want to install an update about every other day. While I appreciate the auto update feature if the update is significant, updating almost daily tends to get on my nerves if I cannot immediately tell something new has been installed. That said, it’s a good product.

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