By on September 9, 2004

This has got to be the mother of all speedboats. The WallyPower is an Italian built, 118’ luxury yacht powered by three turbine engines. It’ll zip along at 70mph. On water. Can you say wow?

The thing looks like something James Bond would drive (or pilot.) You’ve got to check out some of the photos of the thing, especially of the helm. Enough computerized hardware in there to keep a geek busy for days.

Oh. It costs $24.14 million.

via the Robb Report and Gizmodo.



  1. Don’t mean to be picky but the web site mentions 70 knots not 70 mph. Thats more like 80 mph. Like you said, wow.

  2. Not surprised Italians built this one , we should learn more from them instead of stereotyping them in media with the typical negative views and, as they still do in the dwelling of the USA movie industry and latley some famous neagtive programs against them . Thanks for this site and the positive news of the boat built by Italians.

  3. Amazing. I have an eye and taste for classic yacht lines, but this company (not just the 118) has brought my love of boats to a level i never new existed. Amazing match of class, style, opulence, power… i could go on.

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