Spinning Spraypainting Scrambler

By on September 9, 2004

Rosemarie Fiore re-uses amusement park rides to create works of art. She’s turned The Scrambler into the world’s largest spirograph, and uses pinball machines as a painbrush.

Fiore’s selection of the Scrambler to make a painting, then, is by no means arbitrary. It represents the link between the old world’s rush of simply being in motion (which itself recalls the primitive Russian ice slides of the 1700s) and the new turbo-charged world of the Raptor, where riders are strapped in with powerful foam restraining devices as their legs dangle freely at 60 mph over the bunnyhops, and then slowly revolve as they plunge into a horseshoe turn. Unless you’re being recruited by NASA, chances are you’ll never experience anything like it. Though it hovers between these two worlds, the Scrambler’s staying power is most evident in its subtle product upgrades and name changes-modifications, I hasten to add, that never stray too far from the original.

Let me runs that quote through my Art Critic to English dictionary for you.

Hey, she rigged that Scrambler to fling paint everywhere! Awesome!

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