FrontPage: The Belly Of The Beast

By on September 8, 2004

Funny that Deane should bring up Vermeer Technologies. While trying to beat a Visual Studio web project into working yesterday, I did a little network sniffing to find out what FrontPage and Visual Studio actually do to make things work.

I’d always thought it was WebDAV that made them go, but in fact, VTI created their own protocol before WebDAV came on the scene. Read on to find out more than you ever cared to know about FrontPage Server Extensions (This entry is categorized as Total Geek — you’ve been warned).



  1. There are Categories in FrontPage. If you bring up one of the reports, you can add categories to pages. There’s even a WebBot that will generate linked lists of all the pages in a given category, though, tragically, there’s no way to format the list.

    There’s a screencap two-thirds of the way down this page:

    There are approval levels too, but I don’t remember how they work. You access them in the Page Properties dialog of some report. Open a Web, go to the Pages report, right click on something and hit Properites. There’s a lot of stuff in there you’ve probably never seen.

  2. Frontpage was feature rich, multi-platform, and fairly bug free. Then Microsoft bought it. They quickly deleted the multi-platform aspects of FrontPage and were summarily trashed for it. They surrendered and released a very old beta version of the server extensions for linux with absolutely no support. This was back when MS support was both free and effective. They’ve slowly re-intruduced features and platform support but have never gotten back to the bug free efficiency that John Mandile’s bunch created.

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