Longhorn GUI

By Deane Barker on June 24, 2003

Microsoft’s Longhorn 3D UI: Apparently, the next generation of Windows will move away from standard, 2D, bit-mapped interfaces. Instead, all the windows will be vectored, 3D objects. This article is a look into a seminar on the subject at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference this year. It’s all very dry and confusing, but will make great sense when you watch the videos.

It all looks very cool, but I’m a bit confused about the practical application of it.



  1. It’s amazing how M$ does it again. Are they not ashamed? For those who know the dock on Apple’s OS X, it’s embarrassing to see how plagiarism still goes unpunished. But we are all used to it by now for M$ has hardly ever come up with something original. It either buys their opponents or just straight up copies them.


  2. Insteresting Comments, though how many people have downloaded software which directly emulated the OSX dock in windows ? Besides the MSW2006 interface is not the same as the OSX dock. You could argue that Apple ripped off Xerox if you are that petty about innovation.

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