Comment Goal Reached

By Deane Barker on September 7, 2004

We very quietly reached another goal this week. Since I started this site almost three years ago, I’ve wanted to have as many comments as I had entries. I don’t know why, it just seemed like a good goal to have.

The first iteration of the site was a custom PHP app that didn’t even have comments, so we got a late start. We flirted with the goal for the last few weeks, but it doesn’t help that we’re posting like chipmunks on crack these days. I’m also really anal-retentive about the comments — there are no spams, “me toos,” or test comments in the database. All comments are legit.

Anyway, comments passed up entries sometime on Sunday afternoon. As I write this, we have 2,909 entries and 2,938 comments. Next goal: 3,000 entries, which we’ll hit by the end of the month. The ultimate goal has always been 5,000 entries, and we’re on a pace to hit that by the end of next year.



  1. Comment: This ‘posting like chipmunks on crack’ lately is killing my productivity. I used to be able to take the weekend off and pick right up on Monday morning, but got bombarded Monday morning with all the posts.

    Question: Where do you guys dig up all this off-the-wall content? I mean, I do a fair amount of surfing during the day, but I don’t get far enough off the beaten path to be able continually provide this level of information.

  2. I tell you, the knowledge that I destroyed someone’s productivity really makes this gig worthwhile.

    Where do we come up with all this stuff? Who knows? I’ve learned that I can generate a post out of about anything. I’ve been getting a lot of my stuff off-line lately — I’ll see something and think, “someone, somewhere, probably needs to know about that.”

    At any given time, I have a half-dozen things in my head waiting to get on the site. I can think of four right now that I’m tossing around, and another which is in Draft at the moment because it’s a little involved.

    If it were financially feasible, I would do this 24 hours a day as my full-time job. I have no doubt that I could post non-stop for 10 hours a day. I should take a day off from the office and set a goal sometime: 40 posts or something, in a single day. We’ve done 25 before (we did 18 yesterday). I bet I could do 50 quality posts in eight hours, easy.

  3. I’ve always wondered if a lot of posts is a good thing or a bad thing. High volume means a lot of stuff to read, but it thins out the comments per post, and thus reduces discussion. I think that there’s a sweet spot somewhere, probably at around a dozen posts (a post every 1-2 hours all day). 40 would just be too much to absorb. I don’t think SlashDot even posts at that rate. I imagine that at some point even good content turns to spam and folks look elsewhere.

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