Great Big Stuff

By on September 7, 2004

Computer Key StoolRob and I were just discussing Deane’s habit of meticulously editing our posts for proper grammar, spelling, and markup. It’s one of the things that (I think) makes Gadgetopia a good read, but we were wishing for a giant red pen to use, either as a gift or an instrument of blunt force trauma.

Of course, if you think of something, someone on the web already did it :

Many years ago, I was delighted to find a store called “Think BIG!” in my local mall. Over the years I purchased a number of their larger-than-life products. However, I was dismayed when their retail stores shut their doors.

I discovered that I was not alone feeling their absence. I took that as a call to action to fill the void — and a BIG void it was! That is why I started

We have made great strides in providing a wide selection of oversized items. Many of the items are original “Think BIG!” merchandise which had been locked away in a warehouse. We continue to find manufacturers and suppliers around the world to expand our line of products.

There are so many cool things I could buy at this store. Giant Crayons? Got ‘em. 5-foot toothbrush? Check. My favorite is the huge computer key stools (pictured above). Sadly, no giant red pen.



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