Is That a Phone In Your Pocket…

By on September 7, 2004

pokia.JPGTired of talking on that tiny cellphone handset that makes your ear sweat and only comes to the back of your jawbone when you hold it to your ear? Nick Poole’s Pokia is a crazy bit of retro chic that turns old 70’s-style phone handsets into cellphone accessories. His latest creation, for sale on Ebay, is a Bluetooth-enabled version.

This is the my first bluetooth prototype. I’ve had it working for a few weeks now and works really well. The charger is at the end of the wire which turns out to be pretty useful. The answer button as you can see is on the top of the handset and the indicator light is mounted on the back. The only slight flaw is that you need a matchstick to adjust volume. Works with any bluetooth phone. Comes with charger (uk spec so you might need a converter if buying from outside the uk).

I don’t know how much sense it makes for cellphones, but something like this would work great as a computer accessory for services like Skype. Nick has a number of other models, like the DJ Convoy (a set of headphones and a CB radio microphone), and the Hotline, a handset that looks like it fell off the phone that Reagan used to dial Gorbachev with.

Via Cult Of Mac