Further Political Pontification

By on September 7, 2004

Trying to be all cool like we are* by commenting on the upcoming elections, SlashDot has added a special political section to carry stories about the campaigns.

With the US Presidential Election coming up, we’ve had a lot of story submissions that we would like to post, but they don’t fit very well on the Slashdot main page. To address this, we’ll be running special political coverage between now and the election in our new Politics subsection of Slashdot. […]

We’ll do our best to be fair with story selection. We think we can do a good job since the Slashdot editors represent a diverse spectrum of political ideologies.

While the editors may be able to maintain an unbiased discourse, I’m sure no one expects the same of the comments. Still, it’s great to see all of the ways in which online communities are trying to get people informed and involved. The way things are going, I predict a record voter turnout this year**.

* Actually, SlashDot may have beaten us by about 8 minutes.

** Actually, I don’t have anything to back that up, and I’m totally spitballing it.

PS: Last election post today, I (campaign) promise