Gladiator TUGV

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2004

Gladiator robot looks to join Marine Corps: I saw a bit on this on Future Fighting Machines today. You had to see it in action to appreciate it. It’s a little remote control tank that can mount a machine gun. It looks all the world like a video game.

The 4-foot-tall, 1,600-pound concept vehicle recently was demonstrated at Camp Smith, launching dozens of smoke rounds downrange that could have been tear gas, or stingball and flashbang grenades.

Cued by an operator walking behind a rifle squad of Marine police, the Gladiator also fired paintball rounds with pinpoint accuracy, and blank rounds rattled from a swiveling M240G medium machine gun.

The linked article has a picture, but it’s not nearly cool enough. You had to see it shoot the machine gun to appreciate it.

It’s bigger than the awesome little PackBot, but it does a lot more too. The PackBot is more a recon device than anything else.